Ed looking like a puppy after he performed at the Staples Center in LA :D



I was a college freshman when Red was released, I remember going to target and then to Applebee’s and taking pictures with that album like it was yesterday. The girl in the picture (her name is Arianna) was someone who I went to high school with but was never really friends with. By chance we ended up in the same college and I discovered that she had a mutual undying love for Taylor. We’re now best friends and roommates for the second year in a row. We’ve had our second album purchasing/Target/Applebee’s date planned ever since the last one. It’s crazy how Taylor brings people together and the memories she helps to make. Here’s to 1989 and all the incredible things that it’s gonna bring!

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taylorswift yo taylor nicole is cool check her out

Major 2011 throwback but the CHEEKBONES and LIPS



5/3/13 aka best day of my life

 Look at his little sockies c:

He looks like a little kid sitting in a grown up chair. Absolutely adorable :’)

Ed at his last night at the O2 Arena

Ed Sheeran Multiply tour programme: credits to @tia4908 on Twitter